Saturday, 29 April 2017

QuestraWorldLondon Presents Kazakhstan the official opening 26 April 201...
Dear partners, we are pleased to inform you that on 26 April 2017 in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, the official opening of representative office of Questra World was held!.

The event was held solemnly in person of the President of Questra World – JosΓ© Manuel Gilabert who personally cut red ribbon and in so going officially opened the representative office. In new representative office the first meeting of all members has already been held in which the plans for the future development and principal allocation functions were highlighted. Questra World does not stop on the attained and set new objectives, always expanding its horizons.

Nowadays, the Company carries out its activities in more than 50 countries of the world – in Spain, Russia, Poland, England, Germany, Switzerland and other states. In 2017 the Company proceeded to open 17 proper official representative offices. We are proud to report that today every customer from the 4th level can apply the official representative office of Questra World in Astana and receive consultation. Consultations on work and activity, legal help as requires will be held in representative
office for the agents from the 4th level. All types of consulting and legal support will be provided by appointment only, mentioning clients’ questions, their work situations etc.

🎯 Appointment by e-mail:
🎯 Appointment by telephone: +77172790526

The market in which we work has immense promises and Questra World proves it every day with successful work.

The new representative office in Astana has already begun its work.
Let’s move towards the goals right now.
Best regards, Danny Lewington, Questra World London

More Info:
Contact: Danny Lewington

Monday, 24 April 2017

Questra World review Best Investments For Passive Income in 2017
Questra World London Presents - Questra World is a really extensive network, which is involved by his own admission in various investment activities.

This includes:
Auction and real estate trade
Purchase and sale of securities on the stock market (IPO)
Support of companies that like to go on the stock market

The launch of the online presence took place on 11th of April 2013. However Questra is emerged from an experienced team that has been around since the 04th of May 2009.

Questra World earns his living, as already mentioned, in the financial sector. There are about 25 managers employed, which achieve gains or losses by tradings. The goal is of course to make profits.
This is usually accomplished and the managers generate an average of about 7% return per week. Depending on the selected investment package, fee will be charged.

With various investement portfolios you have the option to generate up to 312% per year and you can also generate additional passive income with the partner program.

You can find out more about what you saw in the video by going to:

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Questra World Conference Antalya, Mardan Palace 24 08 29 08 2016

Questra World London Present the Questra World Conference Antalya, Mardan Palace. 24 08 29 08 2016 
Atlantic Global Asset Management Joint Stock Fund develops permanently and has already reached such a level that it can provide highly qualified consulting services to other investment companies and trust funds. Atlantic Global Asset Management becomes currently a multi-purpose and fairly innovative investment company. Therefore, new types of services were introduced into the fund's license. This is confirmation of the rapid multi-vector development and expansion of the scope of our activities.

Questra World in Dubai Celebration of the success

Questra World Presents Questra World in Dubai Celebration of the success. The Questra World Spring Vacation in Dubai Atlantis The Palm, Dubai 5* Magnificent ending of the huge event. The best party of the year Breathtaking entertainment Celebration of the success.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

The Questra World Spring Vacation in Dubai English Promo

Questra World London presents the The Questra World Spring Vacation in Dubai English Promo
International conference Questra World 
Venue: UAE, Dubai, Atlantis The Palm, Dubai 5* 
Date: March 26-31, 2017 
The number of seats: 300 person 

⁃ The programme of activities: 
⁃ Business meeting of the best directors from all over the world 
⁃ The announcement of the latest news and events 
⁃ Plan of development for 2017-2018 
⁃ Trainings and master-classes by millionaires 
⁃ Rest in one of the best hotels of Dubai 
⁃ Luxury rooms and all kinds of water entertainments 
⁃ Familiarity with the city 
⁃ Visiting the best places 
⁃ Elite car drive 
⁃ Evenings in the luxury restaurants 
⁃ Final dinner on the bank of the Persian Gulf 
⁃ Performances of the special guests 
⁃ Ceremony of awarding 
⁃ And other more ...

Questra World Leadership Berlin, tour 2