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    Video Show Case has been actively involved in creative video production since 2011 and has produced many videos for individuals, as well as corporate clients.

    The usual brief from clients is to record and develop ‘creative presentations’ of their products services and testimonials from customers or team members.

    Many commissions have included compiling videos from still images and many different video clips, and to create a structured message or story from the available footage, or to source additional clips from other sources online to enhance the client’s final vision of their project.

    More Recently, I have been involved in the creation of Business PowerPoint Presentations, promotional graphics for events – Roll-Up-Banners, Business Cards, and Promotional Flyers and Advertising campaign leaflets. In addition to these respective projects, I have been assisting clients with their Social media platforms to promote their businesses or services – Including Facebook, Google+, Blogger, Twitter accounts in conjunction with Wordpress Websites.


    Video Capture
    After initial discussions with any client, we arrange a date and location for a suitable shoot, and include required shots for additional ‘B roll’ footage for padding out the main action or purpose for the location filming.

    Video Creation
    The video creation and composition of the essential clips which would also include music selection, sound effects, still images all work together to enhance the live action and to deliver a polished and professional project.

    Video Promotion
    I have had many satisfied customers and clients who have had several years of use from the videos I have created – that have showcased their triumphs and successes in business, and their personal challenges throughout life.


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