Monday, 15 May 2017

Afternoon guys, and happy Monday to you.

What a weekend it has been. From start to end I have been impressed and blown away by the incredible hospitality, training and leadership I've witnessed at the Questra World event in Paris. Not only were the more formal parts of the event incredible, the people and the entertainment were world class too!

On the topic of training, we've been treated to seminars and talks from some of the most successful people within the business. I've sat back and absorbed as much information as possible, so that I can apply it when I get back to the UK later today. It's exciting times, this company is going from strength to strength and after this weekend, my belief in what they can offer to people just like you and me has gone through the roof.

I can't wait to go to the next Questra World event, but in the meantime I'm looking for more and more people to join my team... so that I can share the message about the work of this amazing business opportunity with as many people as possible. If you join my team, you'll benefit from my commitment and dedication to supporting others. You'll be eligible to join my weekly training and mentoring webinar, where I share for free the company updates as well as offer guidance on how to be a success within this industry. If you know anyone who would like to transform their life then please do send them my way.

You can let them know that within the next few weeks, I'm looking to leave my full-time job and go full-time in Questra. That's how trans-formative this business is.

So for now, that just leaves me to say thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed this update and that I hope to hear from you soon.

Keep being the best,
Let’s move towards the goals right now.
Best regards, Danny Lewington, Questra World London

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